Wild Venison

Deer ImageAll our Venison is Free Range and wild, roaming the mountain ranges of the South Island. They are all head shot then hung for a minimum of 5 days which is the best way to treat a wild beast such as this. All cuts are trimmed and ready to cook so no wastage. Low in fat so it’s great for cholesterol.

Cuts available range from;

  • Striploin or back strap
  • Tenderloin
  • Racks
  • Rolled shoulder roasts
  • Osso Bucco
  • Diced – good for pies
  • Mince – great in burgers
  • Bones – flavorsome stocks

The list goes on, please inquire if you are after a cut not listed.

Venison fillet with Miso Crust, Porcini Mushrooms and Pinot noir just with smashed Potato’s

  1. 700gm venison fillet
  2. Miso soup paste
  3. 1 cup dried or 2 x fresh porcini’s
  4. 6 medium potato’s
  5. 1 cup Pinot noir
  6. 2 cups stock – already reduced to 1/2


Mix miso soup with water, not too much, then coat the venison fillet in this. Put aside for a couple of hours. Boil your potato’s and prepare them as you would mashed potato’s. Add boiling water to the dried porcini’s then let re-constitute for an hour, save the water for the Pinot just as well. Heat the stock ( any flavour, beef, chicken etc. It is best if you have made a stock form scratch but not a necessity.) Add the porcini and Pinot liquids, slowly simmer. 20 mins prior to serving – heat the fry pan, when at best pan frying temp, add small amount of olive oil then place venison fillet, whole, in.

Leave for 3-4 mins then turn. Leave another 3-4 mins, place on sides for 30 seconds each then remove from the pan. Let rest for 5 mns. While the meat is resting, throw the porcini’s in the still hot pan from the venison and add some of the just to it. Cook, reduce until most of the liquid has gone then take off heat. Slice the venison to desired thickness. Assemble the plate; Mashed potato with reasonably thick slices of venison artfully arranged slightly resting on it, not completely as the meat will bleed into the potatoes and make them a little watery. Put 1/4 amount of the porcini’s on top then drizzle with your Pinot just. Serves 4.

Absolutely delicious.