Paua ImageTraditionally your cousin, mate, husband or father, has gone out and dived for this. We can now offer this year round at consistent sizing. Our live baby paua come from Ocean Marine Farms in Bluff. We will have available this season, live farmed Bluff oysters. The Paua range in sizes from 50mm to 70mm. A great entree size is the 55 – 60ml. They come in a small polybox with a certificate stating legally farmed.



Slice Paua thinly. Heat butter or oil on the bbq. Mix Paua with thinly sliced spring or red onions. Add salt and pepper and sprinkle with mixed herbs (fresh or dried). Sear on medium-high heat for no longer than 1 minute as it will toughen if cooked for too long. Remove from bbq, sprinkle with Soy Sauce and serve.