Products available for sale here. Any specific cuts or animals can be arranged. Ring Bridget (06) 306 9837

Rabbit, Hare

Rabbit and hare are shot to order, just let us know how many you need.

Wild Venison Image
Wild Venison

The wild venison is shot in Fiordland. It is hung for a minimum of 5 days before butchering. In…

Southland Pork Image
Southland Pork

The pork comes from a farm in Southland where our butcher has been sourcing it for the last 36yrs, 18th generation pig. Inbred as all get out…

Whitebait Image

Our whitebait comes from the Arawata or Cascade Rivers. This bait tends to have a greenish hue to it and puffs up when cooked. It is far…

Paua Image

Traditionally your cousin, mate, husband or father, has gone out and dived for this. We can now offer this year round at consistent sizing. Our live baby…