Hampers for Any Occasion

Here we are, a Hamper for any occasion.
Game Keeper top favorites

* Fabulous Friday – NZ & French Cheeses matched with Mt Edward wines, selection of local Salami’s & Deli Meats, Salmon, Quince paste, Smoked eel, Bier sticks, Rye bread, marinated olives, White Rabbit Chocolate.

* French Revolution – a selection of French Camembert, Jambon Ham, local Salami’s and Chacuterie, smoked Salmon, Quince or pear jelly or paste, delicious locally made crackers, plus more.

* Wild Game Hamper – NZ blue cheese & Gouda, Wild Pear Paste, Wild Rabbit Rillette, Venison salami, Smoked wild salmon + nibbling accompaniments.

* Glamper Hamper – this can be for a full weekend of lush-ness, prepared meals, just needing heating, cheeses, nibbly things, crackers, chocolate, treats galore in here, choose 1 day of gastronomic yummyness or 2. Build your own Glamper.

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